6 Ways ESG Creates Value

Let our system walk you through creating an ESG report built with the SASB standards and framework.

Build reputation and trust by communicating sustainability efforts.

Attract new capital earmarked for companies with ESG strategies.

Improve stakeholder engagement with transparent reporting.

Gain an edge on the competition by minimizing environmental, governmental, and social risks.

Boost employee motivation and productivity with strong values and a clear commitment to ESG.

Avoid risks from emerging ESG issues and help management seize opportunities.

ESG Report Builder - Based on SASB

Create industry specific SASB templates.

Ability to share individual topics so multiples teams can comment simultaneously.

Built-in audit trail and work flow.

Flexibility to pick any SASB topic, sector, or multiple industries to automatically produce your SASB template.

All SASB worksheets already produced.

Guidance on every topic and subtopic provided.

Know Your Materiality ESG Risks

Use our SASB/GRI data bases to build a Materiality Matrix Assessment. A materiality matrix assessment is the backbone of your sustainability reporting process.

Build an industry(ies) specific Materiality Matrix

Ability to share topic selection with multiple teams.

Automated surveys for easy data collection.

Built-in contact manager with import feature.

Track your survey progress effortlessly.

Thousands of industry specific topics to choose from.

Benchmarking and Data Analysis

Work with us to understand your industry specific materiality risk and compare against your industry leaders and peers.

Our data scientists have aggregated ESG data from hundreds of companies across all industries so you don’t have to. ESG Playbook has created industry specific ESG materiality risks saving you hundreds of hours of research. Click… and you had 3 sets of materiality risks by industry based on SASB, GRI and our proprietary database.

Our Process


Use our proprietary data and benchmarking tools to understand where you stand in your industry.


Our report builder will guide you through ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting compliance.


We won't just help you understand your ESG profile, we'll help you take next steps to directly address your risk factors.

Become a leader in Sustainability