Smart, seamless, and scalable ESG reporting and data management.

It’s time to accelerate your sustainability journey.

Complex disclosures take time and resources

“There are faster policy changes than we anticipate and faster decisions to be taken within a short amount of time” CFO of PE Firm

Why use ESG Playbook?

Effortlessly centralize your ESG data and reports

Using one platform, access all your sustainability data, across your organization and locations. Save time and resources. And ensure data reliability through optimized workflows and data collection tools.

Monitor your ESG performance and risks

Incorporate sustainability into your company-wide operations and communications with real-time accurate insights. Automate and securely share your performance with granular roles and permissions.

Seamless ESG reports and communications

Select a framework or use your own template to create your custom report. Take stakeholder surveys, engagement and communications to the next level with an online interactive dashboard.

What makes ESG Playbook Different?

Pre-populated templates & worksheets

To help you prepare accurate ESG reports, the platform features pre-populated data mapping and template worksheets, making it easy for you to select the best-case and best-fit scenarios for each of your reports.

Competitor benchmarking and data analysis

ESG Playbook includes peer benchmarking aggregated ESG data from thousands of companies across all industries, so you can see how your peers are reporting and produce a report that makes you shine.

Secure data portal for clients and stakeholders

ESG Playbook features a private and secure data portal which you can share with clients, investors, portfolio companies and stakeholders. This streamlines the reporting process and is a significant time saver.

Use investor-grade data for your frameworks and standards

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ESG Playbook Solutions

The ESG Playbook platform is designed to help companies across all industries and sectors, as well as investors, better understand, measure, aggregate and report on their ESG strategic risks and opportunities.

Our recent projects

Our recent projects

ESG Playbook:

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